Information Technology (IT)

With a legacy in professional IT and business consulting, implementing large-scale hardware and software solutions for Fortune 1000 clients, we easily claim IT implementation as a core competency.  We are not “AV guys” trying to learn about residential network installation or a new Internet-based paradigm; we are IP (Internet Protocol) and networking experts.

In an interconnected world, hardware solutions that do not reside on the network often add little value to an overall solution.  TechnoStructure specializes in network-enabled solutions, with an emphasis on industry standards.  Our IT services include:

  • Secure hard-wired and wireless network implementation
  • Local auto-backup solutions for PCs and digital media
  • Cloud-based auto-backup solutions for irreplaceable digital content
  • PC sales, installation, upgrades, troubleshooting, and repairs
  • Software (e.g., anti-virus, media management, productivity) sales, installation, and support
  • Cloud-based e-mail: If you have multiple devices (mobile phone, iPad or tablet, desktop PC, notebook PC, etc.) and want to keep your e-mail, calendar, and contacts truly synchronized across all of them, our hosted e-mail solution is superior to traditional POP or IMAP based e-mail accounts.