Home Automation

Did you know that, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, Heating and Cooling account for nearly 60% of a home’s annual energy consumption?  Automation can save you money!

Automation puts you in control of your home.  In your car, when you open a door or the trunk, the lights probably turn on automatically.  And when it gets dark while you are driving, the headlights may even turn on automatically.  To keep you comfortable while you are driving, many cars allow you to set a temperature and then press the “auto” button.  And when you are not in your car, you do not leave it running for hours at a time to keep it warm or cool (that would be highly inefficient!).  Some cars even include a security alarm with a wireless keyfob to lock, unlock, arm, and disarm the system to protect your investment from theft.  When implementing an automation system for your home, you should expect similar levels of enhanced security, energy efficiency, comfort, and convenience that you have come to expect as standard features of your car (and then some!).

At TechnoStructure, automation includes the integration of different subsystems such as HVAC, lighting, alarm, surveillance, audio, and more so that they communicate with each other and function together as a single, unified system to provide enhanced safety, energy efficiency, comfort, and convenience.  Example:  When you leave home, lights turn off, the security system arms, thermostats change to energy efficient set points, and all audio zones turn off, automatically.  TechnoStructure integrates true time and EVENT-BASED activities (not just macro-based) built on a core automation platform that has been proven reliable for nearly three decades.  Our automation solutions include:

  • Integrated security and life safety
  • Lighting Control
  • HVAC integration via intelligent, communicating thermostats
  • Whole-house AV integration
  • Video Surveillance
  • Access Control
  • Control all system features and functionality via iPhone, iPad, Android, PC, custom in-wall and wireless touch screens, or by telephone

Perhaps best of all, these technologies are not limited to new construction homes.  In fact, we are experts at retrofitting automation into existing homes, regardless of their age or size.