Green Technology

In addition to helping you reduce your consumption of natural resources, TechnoStructure’s green technologies can also help you save money by making your home more energy efficient.  Our Automation Solutions can be a critical first step, and there are others.

Smart Grid: Our nation’s electrical system is being upgraded to prepare for the future of energy conservation.  If your local community has not yet adopted so-called “smart grid” technology, chances are it will in the near future.  Smart Grid technology enables new tools that allow you to better understand and manage your energy consumption.

But most Smart Grid initiatives consist of utility infrastructure upgrades that will stop just outside your house in the form of a communicating, digital electric meter.  From this point of “service demarcation,” it is up to you to take full advantage of what the Smart Grid has to offer.  For example, the new “smart” meters will be equipped to communicate with “smart” devices inside your home that can help you (optionally) turn off high-energy consuming appliances when electricity rates are highest, or during periods of peak demand (a feature sometimes referred to as load shedding). TechnoStructure can provide and implement such devices to maximize your home’s efficiency and to enable the full set of features and enhancements provided by your community’s Smart Grid initiative.

Energy Monitoring and Management: Research indicates that when homeowners are provided real-time feedback regarding their home’s energy consumption, they tend to take steps to consume less energy.   TechnoStructure provides and implements solutions to help you monitor your home’s energy usage, and in conjunction with the Smart Grid, automate the reduction of energy within your home.

Vampire Power: So-called “vampire power” refers to devices in your home (mostly electronics, such as TVs, AV equipment, computers, cell phone charges, etc.) that continue to draw current from electrical outlets, even when those devices are “turned off” or not in use.  TechnoStructure’s automation and energy management solutions can help you eliminate “vampire power” by physically turning off the outlet(s) into which these devices are plugged.