Your Media.  Anytime.  Anyplace.   TechnoStructure specializes in the distribution of your music, movies, live and recorded TV, photos, AM/FM/Satellite/Internet radio, cloud-based streaming content (e.g., NetFlix, VUDU, Pandora, Rhapsody, etc.), and any other digital media throughout your home, with the simple push of a button.   The electronics, components, and equipment can be centralized and hidden away from sight, yet easily accessed in any space, indoors or outside.   Exceptional-sounding speakers can be flush-mounted in walls, ceilings, and sometimes even totally concealed behind the wall, to blend seamlessly with any décor.  Control over the entire AV system is at your fingertips via iPhone, iPad, PC, Android, or custom universal remote.  Our AV solutions include:

  • Whole-House Audio
  • Whole-House Video, with IP-based network distribution of full 1080p HDMI video
  • Projection video systems for multi-purpose media rooms
  • Home theater design and installation
  • Outdoor media rooms for exterior living spaces
  • Video game integration (PS3, Xbox, Microsoft Kinect, Wii)
  • Surround sound implementation and calibration
  • Windows Media Center implementations
  • Universal remote controls
  • Intercom systems – traditional and VoIP-based
  • Power management to protect your electronic investment, with IP-based remote control