Building Automation

Automating your business or commercial property will give you more control and reduce overhead.  TechnoStructure’s building management solutions can be installed in new construction or retrofitted into existing facilities.  Automation can simplify your business by providing a centralized means of control and monitoring over your building.  Our Building Automation solutions are easy and convenient to use and operate very reliably.  Building Automation focuses on the integration of various systems, depending upon your requirements, such as:

  • Security: Remote arming/disarming; alarm notification; monitoring
  • Lighting: Energy savings; control interior and exterior lights, such as signage, marquees, and parking lot or building fixtures; define overnight settings to run after the close of business
  • Energy Management: Automate up to dozens of thermostats to save energy and reduce kilowatt hours used; monitor and control temperature and humidity in garages, basements, or coolers; change settings based on occupancy or time of day; shed high-current loads during periods of peak demand
  • Audio-Video Systems Management: Control audio in multiple zones and video on multiple displays
  • System Monitoring: Monitor and control Building Automation systems by mobile phone, iPad or tablet, PC, browser, etc., from anywhere.  Check in on your business or facility when you are not there.

At their core, TechnoStructure’s Building Automation solutions are built on embedded controller technology (not software, which can be “buggy”) for ultimate reliability.  Commercial applications and your business demand reliability, and TechnoStructure delivers.