Our People, Your Team

Of course, the underlying technologies of whatever solutions you may choose to implement are important, but we believe the people and the team of professionals integrating those technologies and working in your home or business with you and your family are equally, if not more, important.  For consistency and continuity, we maintain the same team members on your project from its initial stages, during implementation, and through ongoing service and support after the formal project has been completed.  Additional highlights and characteristics of our people whom you could expect to be on your team include:

  • An average of 12 years of experience implementing security, AV, and technology – we do NOT hire inexperienced workers or “enthusiasts” who need to learn on your job.  We are professionals.
  • Master’s Degree in technology management.
  • CEDIA Certified Professional Designer.
  • CEDIA Certified Professional Installer.
  • CEDIA Registered Outreach Instructor.
  • Illinois-Licensed Private Alarm Contractor.
  • All employees carry State-issued Permanent Employee Registration Card, and have undergone complete and thorough background checks by the IL State Police.

Put simply, we live and breathe security, AV, and technology systems every day, and we are passionate about the quality of our work.