Our History

TechnoStructure was founded in 2003 to meet the growing demand for commercial-grade technology and professional services in the residential marketplace.  Our roots, philosophy, and project management expertise are established in corporate-grade Information Technology implementation.

With a focus on Internet- and IP- based technology integration from Day 1, TechnoStructure has watched as numerous manufacturers in the consumer electronics industry have adapted their product lines to speak the language of the Internet in an increasingly connected world.  As the technology continues to change, TechnoStructure keeps pace through ongoing manufacturer training, industry-led professional training and certification programs, and of course, good old fashioned experimentation and hands-on testing with new and emerging technologies in our shop.  And for more than 5 years, the commercial side of our business has continued to expand.

Today, we are experts at INTEGRATION and control… the art of making different systems, from different manufacturers, talk to each other seamlessly to enhance security, energy efficiency, comfort, and convenience in your home or business.  And when working with TechnoStructure, integration and control also come with ease of use and reliability built in to every solution.