Our Customers

Here are what some of our customers have said about TechnoStructure and the work we performed for them. Additional references can be provided after an initial consultation.

George B.

Wanted to let you know that the new controls are working *great* — those programmable buttons have made everything easier to manage, including the garage door.  That was great advice.

BMW Dealership

Your guys were animals; they didn’t stop until the job was done. As always, it was a pleasure working with them. They worked incredibly hard and got the job done in one day. I was very happy with their performance.

Marsha and Gerry C.

We couldn’t be happier with your work and professionalism. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you or to call you in the future with any problems or future needs.

Courtney and Davis J.

I just wanted to send you a quick note on how pleased I am with everything.  First thing Monday morning Kevin was asking me how the install went.  I had nothing but great things to say about you and Joe.  A number of our co-workers are interested in your services and I gave them your number.  Once again GREAT WORK!

Bruce D.

Thanks for your help and I love your system!   Well said this maybe more than once but you are the man!……best part is it actually works, very cool, hit any button and there you have it!

Bob O.

Joe does absolutely outstanding work!  Not only is he very professional he is a hell of a nice guy.  Many thanks to TechnoStructure!

Celeste R.

We were really happy with you guys, I hope I have the opportunity to have a project and use you again.  I am also happy to be a reference.

Ron R.

iPad/iTouch app is fantastic.

Pat W.

Things are going great with the system.  We really put it to the test two weekends ago when we held a Chinese New Year party where 70 people showed up.  We had the Apple TV going all night on both the kitchen and family room TVs and the music sounded great.  We also had floating photos of previous parties on both TVs and I controlled the playlist from my iPad.  We got lots of comments on the system.

Jon B.

Some updates to give you.  First, the TV installation appears to be outstanding!  We watched some TV on it last night and it worked very well… The universal remote appears to be well laid out and very versatile… Also, my impression is that your crew has done an excellent job overall and they have been very good about keeping the area picked up and clean.  I appreciate that.

Tim D.

The system looks great, we cannot believe the effect of the large screen, another job very well done-thanks.

John K.

Arlington Heights
I wanted to mention that I think you and all of the guys with the company are great and nice people.

Ken M.

St. Charles
Your team finished the job this week and I am happy with the results.

Ali S.

We are very happy with everything you have done for us.  I am very impressed with your work.  You guys are great.  With that said, I will be glad to talk to anybody on your behalf and if needed we will be glad to show it live at the house to any of your prospective customers.  I guess this is what you get when you do a great job and you should be proud of yourself… Thank you very much for such a precise and helpful set of instructions.  That is why I like you so much.  You know the product you are working with and most others do not.  You are the best!

Skip S.

Highland Park
Thanks for your nice work.  Lynn said your guys were the nicest and most professional.

Scott R.

Homer Glen
Everything went well… the guys were nice / professional.

Nancy Z.

Just wanted to let you know that Rob worked his magic, as always, and my new e-mail is now up and running.  You guys are so good at what you do!